vIMC App: Key Words and How To

To show delegates the IMC App interface

This is a general list of key words related to the vIMC App and their meanings, which may help you to navigate vIMC more successfully.

Details of how to access the vIMC app have been sent to all registered delegates. Registration for virtual IMC is now closed. If you are a speaker or participant who has not yet registered, please email with ‘Unable to Register’ and your session/paper number in the subject line.

It will not be possible to access vIMC sessions without using the vIMC app either on your handheld device or via your web browser.

Please note: regardless of how you access the app, it will periodically check for updates from our servers during the event. If you find the text has changed to light grey, this means an update is in progress. You can continue using the app as usual, though you should check any changes you make or sessions you view after the app has updated and the text has returned to black in case any details have changed.


To log in to the vIMC app, use the details specified in your vIMC app email, regardless of platform. Please take a moment to review the information and update your details in ‘My Profile’ when you first log in.


An icon is a symbol which you click to move around the app, it is generally denoted by a picture and description.

Cog Icon

This is the settings icon – click this to change your language in the app, view the app privacy policy, or logout.

Bell Icon

This is the notification icon – click this to see if you have any messages or in-app notifications from delegates or the IMC Administration.

My Profile

This is where your information is stored and can be changed if necessary. Please take a moment to review the information and update your details. You may add your interests if you wish others to be able to see what your research interests are. Note that your email is only visible to you in this module, unless you choose to share it with others.

Programme & Session Rooms

Clicking this icon will take you to the vIMC Programme where you can also get session room links. In the Programme module, this is called the ‘Agenda’, which is supplemented by ‘My Agenda’. View the vIMC Programme in the webapp here.



Once you have clicked the Programme icon, you will come to the ‘Agenda’ and ‘My Agenda’ modules in the app.

This shows the full vIMC programme which can be sorted either alphabetically, by date and time, or by session type (‘Track’). This can be done using the icon which looks like an eye.

Sessions you ‘favourite’ by clicking the star icon next to each session will be added to ‘My Agenda’. You can read more about this under ‘My Agenda’ below.

You can search for a session by clicking on the magnifying glass icon.

My Agenda

Once you have clicked the Programme icon, you will come to the ‘Agenda’ and ‘My Agenda’ modules in the app. ‘My Agenda’ is where you can create your personalised schedule for vIMC by adding the sessions you wish to attend to this list, which only you can see. Sessions are added in the Agenda tab by selecting the session and then the star icon, which ‘favourites’ that session.

Only one session per timeslot can be ‘favourited’ as this is the one you have chosen to attend at that time.

You may also request meetings with other attendees. If you would like to create a new meeting with another delegate to add this to your schedule, you should click the calendar icon encircled in grey to do so.


This shows general information about the conference.


A showcase of our exhibitors at the conference, including links to their websites and exclusive discounts for vIMC delegates.


A list of all attendees registered for the conference. Use the magnifying glass icon to search for a particular delegate. You can then contact them in the app, or request a virtual meeting with them (to be arranged by you on your own platform e.g. Zoom/Teams/Skype). Virtual meetings can also be requested through the ‘My Agenda’ part of the app, by clicking the calendar with a ‘+’ sign. If you wish to change information about you displayed in ‘Attendees’, you can do so in ‘My Profile’.

Market & Fairs

A showcase of our craft and handmade goods exhibitors, our second-hand and antiquarian booksellers, our local historical and archaeological societies, as well as universities and institutions.

Contact the IMC

A contact form for anyone wishing to get in touch with the vIMC administration. You will receive a reply by email to any query you send. Please note that our small team will be very busy during vIMC so your patience is appreciated.


The search function allows delegates to find sessions, exhibitors, and attendees through a keyword search function. To search for a session, you can search by name, or by the session ID from the programme (e.g. v1-05).

Personal Notes

Click the ‘+’ icon to create a new note. This can be used to make notes on sessions or meetings you attend, and will be emailed to you once vIMC is over. Notes can be viewed and edited at any time through the app.

You can also access your notes, and add a new note, when viewing any programme item, exhibitor, or other event or activity taking place at vIMC.

Conference Bag

You can add any item from the Programme and Bookfair sections of the app to your personal conference bag.  You can see the contents of your Conference Bag at any time by selecting the Conference Bag icon in the main menu.

When you select this option for the first time, a pop up in the app will request that you enter your email address – this enables your conference bag contents to be emailed to you after vIMC closes.

The vIMC team will email all conference bags to delegates shortly after the vIMC has finished. Adding sessions and exhibitors to your conference bag allows you to access them and their details more easily, as you do not have to search through the rest of the app. This may be useful if you want to contact people at a later date.

News Feeds

See any news shared by the IMC.


This shows your conversations with other delegates, you can have as many of these as you want, be it with individuals or larger groups of delegates. You can message delegates either by clicking the ‘+’ icon, or by finding them in the Attendees module.

PDF Programme

This will take you to the IMC website so that you can view and download the PDF programme for vIMC. The downloadable PDF programme does not contain links to vIMC sessions, and therefore the app or webapp must be used in order to access session rooms.

Exhibitions, Performances & Workshops

From here you can access the exhibitions, performances and workshops which will be running during the vIMC.

Activity Feed

Keep up to date on vIMC news and related social media. You can also share your vIMC experience.

Practise Session Room

To help delegates prepare for using the digital session rooms, the vIMC team has made a practise session room available. This is available through the ‘Practise Session Room’ icon in the app. Here, delegates will have the opportunity to practise presenting, moderating and observing papers.


Available only on mobile devices. Use this section to find and connect with other delegates with similar interests. Tap the beacon icon to bring up a delegate list, tap the eye icon to sort by last name or company, there is a search function at the top of the page. Clicking ‘connect’ on a contact card sends a request to connect to that delegate who may then accept or reject your request. Delegates you have connected with will appear in the Networking module when you open it. Clicking on a contact who you have connected with shows more detail about that delegate and gives options to add a note to the contact, email them directly to their nominated email address and chat via the vIMC app.

Please be aware that accepting a request to connect enables the requester to email you directly and will display your email address to that person.

Photo Sharing

Share you vIMC experience. Photos and accompanying text posted here will be published within the Photo Sharing area of the app for all delegates to see. Please note there may be a delay between posting an image and seeing it within the app. If your photo is of someone other than yourself, please obtain their permission before posting the image.

Images posted on photo sharing may be used for publicity purposes by IMC.

Images posted on photo sharing may be used for publicity purposes by the IMC.