vIMC Advice for Speakers

To ensure that everyone involved with the IMC experiences a safe, inclusive, and welcoming environment, we ask that you do not share the link for your digital presentation via any public facing platform.

Please make sure your paper is presented within the allotted time (20 minutes for sessions with three papers and 15 minutes for sessions with four papers). To prevent screen fatigue amongst participants attending your session, we recommend that keep your paper as brief as possible.

If you have chosen to pre-record your paper, it is your responsibility to share this with the people attending your session. If the strength of your internet connection is not a concern, you may choose to simply play your recording during the session whilst sharing your screen. Or you may choose to save your recording to OneDrive, a personal website, or YouTube Channel and then provide the link to session participants. Your moderator will be able to assist with facilitating playing the recording during your session if your internet connectivity is likely to be an issue.

Familiarise yourself with the Blackboard format by reading the FAQs provided by Leeds University at: (be aware that this information is aimed at university staff, not external users and not all functionality will apply for IMC delegates). In the run up to the conference, delegates may also like to experiment with Blackboard in the practise digital session rooms.

You should connect to your virtual session room at least 15 minutes before your session. You will have the opportunity to conduct a sound and camera test in the digital session room to ensure that your microphone and webcam are working correctly.

Please remember that the IMC team will not be able to regulate or monitor your internet connection. Should your connection breakdown it may not be possible to reschedule your paper.

Speak clearly and slowly so that everyone can follow your paper. The language in which you are speaking may not be the first language of everyone in the audience.

Support your paper with additional information, and use the screen share function to present a slideshow (such as a PowerPoint presentation). It is recommended that speakers use the Screen Sharing option on the left hand menu (rather than File Sharing) as the File Sharing system can run at a considerable lag, meaning that slides do not update at the same rate for speaker and audience. The screen share function does not always work for film clips or music, so you may wish to consider other options.

When screen-sharing, you will have the option of selecting which screen or windows you share. You can only share one window or screen at a time. Once you are sharing your slides, your video feed will appear much smaller in the bottom right corner for your audience. Individual delegates can switch between your feed and your slides as they wish.

After sharing your screen, but before starting your paper, it is worth asking the audience to check that everyone can see your screen using the ‘Raise Hands’ function. The moderator should then lower hands before beginning.

Please make sure that your presentation is clearly legible for delegates with visual impairments. We recommend using these guidelines.

Blackboard does not include captioning. If a delegate with a hearing impediment tells the IMC that they are planning to attend your session, we may contact you in advance to see if you might be willing to share a copy of your paper or an abstract reflecting the major points of your presentation.

To assist delegates who rely upon lip reading, we recommend the following:

  • Ensure that you are facing the camera head on and that your face fully appears in the screen. Remember that the presenter video will be smaller when you are sharing your screen, so try to ensure that the camera frames your face as closely as possible.
  • Ensure that you are well lit so that your face can be clearly seen.
  • Keep your camera on while you are sharing your presentation.
  • Check in advance of your talk to ensure that you are audible.
  • Keep your background as simple as possible to avoid distractions.
  • As much as possible, try to reduce any background noise.

We also recommend that you provide a listing of the major points of your paper in the Chat window on Blackboard.

If you are happy to do so, you may also either upload or provide a link to a handout or your full paper on OneDrive or a personal website. This can be pasted into the Chat window, or dragged and dropped into the Chat, as appropriate.

If you are presenting your paper in a language other than English, we recommend producing a short handout summarising the key points of your paper in English, this can be distributed via the digital chat function before the session begins.