Advice for Moderators (Virtual)

The main duties of a session moderator are:

  • To be familiar with using common functions in Zoom (e.g. raising hands, enabling and disabling attendee microphones/cameras) in order to ensure speakers’ presentations run smoothly.
  • To log into the room 20 minutes before your session begins to welcome speakers and ensure they are all set up correctly.
  • To introduce each speaker, being aware there may be non-specialists in the audience.
  • To inform the audience whether the speakers are happy for the audience to tweet about their paper or discuss it on social media.
  • To make sure each speaker finishes their paper on time, and to be assertive on this issue if necessary.
  • To make sure the session starts and finishes on time.
  • To minimise background noise and disturbances by turning off delegates microphones during speakers’ presentations.
  • To initiate and moderate questions and discussion after the papers, ensuring both speakers and audience adhere to our Policy on Dignity and Mutual Respect.
  • To ask audience members to use the ‘Raise Hand’ function on the bottom toolbar when taking questions. You should then prompt them to turn on their microphone/camera to speak. Some members of the audience may prefer to use the chat function so you should keep an eye on those as well.
  • To remove any attendee from the digital session room after a warning if they engage in any harassing, bullying, or otherwise inappropriate behaviour whether aloud or in the chat function.
  • To be prepared to ask questions if they are not forthcoming from the audience.
  • To make sure all delegates leave the digital room at the end of the session, and inform the IMC team should any problems arise.
  • To complete our feedback form which will be sent to you after the session.

We strongly recommend that moderators contact all the speakers in their session before the IMC to get to know each speaker’s paper and research.