Computers and WiFi

Your individual username and password can be found on the back of your name badge. These will allow you access to the computer, photocopying and printing facilities in the computer clusters, as well as on-campus WiFi.

By completing your registration, you agree to the University of Leeds Use of Computer Systems Policy.


All IMC delegates have free access to the Eduroam network, available on campus and in halls of residence.  Instructions on how to join the network from a range of devices can be found here: Connecting to University WiFi.

If you use eduroam at your home institution, you can connect to the eduroam network at Leeds, both on campus and in halls of residence using the credentials using the same username and password as you would at your home institution. Please note that your access to Eduroam is supported by your home institution, not by the University of Leeds.

Computer Clusters

The Woolhouse Cluster in the basement of the Parkinson Building and the 24-hour Textiles Cluster in the School of Design are both open to IMC delegates. IT support for laptops, tablets and smartphones is available at the Woolhouse Cluster during the day and in the Textiles Cluster on Sunday afternoon.

Directions to clusters and further information can be found here.

University computers run on Windows. You will only be able to access email through web-based applications. No facilities or support are available for Macs.

Remember that by completing your registration, you agree to the University’s Use of Computer Systems Policy.

On Campus IT Support for IMC Delegates

IT support we will be on hand to help you with connecting to the WiFi, using the Cluster computers and the print & copy facilities. Support will be available at the following times and locations:

Day Time Where
Sunday 3rd Midday – 10pm Textiles Cluster
Monday 4th 9am – 5pm Woolhouse Cluster
Tuesday 5th 9am – 5pm Woolhouse Cluster
Wednesday 6th 9am – 5pm Woolhouse Cluster
Thursday 7th 9am – Midday Woolhouse Cluster


Further information about IT support, and directions to clusters can be found here.

Printing and Photocopying

You will be allocated some printing and photocopying credit with your login details, but you will need to buy credit if you exceed this allowance.

If you require physical handouts at your session, we recommend printing as much of your material as possible before you arrive and bringing it to the IMC with you. We also recommend uploading PDF copies of any handouts to the virtual event platform via your ‘Session Details’ page so that remote attendees can refer to these also.

A useful guide to printing and copying for IMC delegates may be found here.

Remote Technical Support

Throughout the IMC, our dedicated team of virtual session assistants will be on hand to support speakers and attendees who are participating remotely. If you are participating remotely, our team will be on hand at the start of the session to ensure you are connected to other virtual and on-campus attendees and participants, and to resolve any basic technical queries you may have.

Technical support can also be accessed via the ‘Get Support’ and ‘Contact Us’ buttons within the IMC virtual platform.

Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that you have the latest versions of Google Chrome and Zoom installed on your PC or laptop, and to ensure that you have a decent internet connection. If you have doubts about WiFi where you are, we recommend using a wired internet connection. More information on participating remotely can be found via our technical support pages within the virtual event platform, which will be available to all registered delegates shortly prior to and during IMC.