Registration Packs


A member of IMC staff searches for a pack for a waiting delegate.

The below information relates to IMC 2022. Details for IMC 2023 will be published here in due course.

Collecting your Pack

Your pack contains your name badge, the  IMC Programme book, and tickets for any meals, excursions, workshops, or events that you have booked in advance. Your pack must be collected from the Registration Pack Collection Desk unless you are staying in University Halls of Residence, in which case it can be collected from there.

Please ensure you leave time to collect your pack as you must collect your pack before attending any element of the IMC.

You will be able to collect your pack from the Registration Pack Collection Desk as follows:

Sunday: The Refectory, 10.00-21.00
Monday: Parkinson Building Foyer, 08.00-19.30
Tuesday: Parkinson Building Foyer, 08.00-18.00
Wednesday: Parkinson Building Foyer, 08.00-18.00
Thursday: Parkinson Building Foyer, 08.00-13.00

This desk will be extremely busy at peak times, so please leave plenty of time to collect your pack before the start of your session or excursion.

Name Badges

Your IMC name badge is your pass to the IMC and must be worn at all times. For security reasons, delegates who are not wearing their name badges may be refused admission to IMC sessions. This pass also enables access to University of Leeds libraries and contains the printing PIN number should you need to access on-campus printing or computer cluster facilities.