Virtual Session Timing & Recording Information


Timing Information

The below information relates to IMC 2022. Details for IMC 2023 will be published here in due course.

If you are connecting remotely to a live virtual session, the system will apply the following timings to all sessions:

  • At any time, delegates can add sessions they wish to attend to their personal agenda. We recommend doing this prior to the IMC to make it easier to move from one session to the next, especially as the search tool can refresh unexpectedly.
  • 20 minutes before the published start time: speakers can enter their session room to prepare.
  • Attendees can enter the session room 1 minute before the start time. You can still enter the session after the session has begun, even if the ‘Join’ button is greyed out.
  • Following the published end time, there will be 10 minutes cool-down. After this, the meeting will end automatically.

We encourage delegates to use the Networking tools within the platform to carry on the conversation beyond the session itself, whether that be an in-person catch-up on campus or via a private meeting on Zoom.

Remember! Our programme booklet and website will show session timings in British Summer Time (GMT+1). However, Pathable will display session timings based on the system time on your device.


The below information has been updated for IMC 2023.

We intend to increase access to sessions at the IMC through recording all sessions. This has multiple benefits, not only for those with accessibility requirements, but also for those in different time zones who may find it impractical to join sessions as they happen.

All recordings will be hosted securely and will only be available to registered IMC delegates for a limited time period. We believe this will offer added value to all delegates, who will be able to view all session recordings as they become available during Congress week and after the Congress closes until 31 August 2023.

It will also greatly widen the audience who are able to view each paper and engage with authors. If you would prefer NOT to have your paper recorded, please inform us by completing our online form by Friday 06 May 2022.