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Mappa Mundi

Storyteller Daisy Black performing 'Broken Shells'Performed by Daisy Black

When: Wednesday 05 July, 20.30-22.00
Where: Stage@leeds: Stage 1
Price: £12.00

‘Here, I found beasts like minotaurs, useful for war’.

Let the twelve winds blow you to the far corners of the Earth; meet mermaids and mandrakes; and follow the trail of Adam’s burnt footprints all the way back to Eden.
Storyteller Daisy Black takes you on a tour around the medieval map of the world. A show full of marvels, including saints and giants, heroes and devils, grisly cannibals, and Norwegian skiers. Weaving together medieval maps and travel writing with oral storytelling, this show is your passport to see the world through 14th-century eyes.

Just watch out for the monsters lurking at the edges of the map . . .

Daisy Black is a medievalist, theatre director, and storyteller. She works as a lecturer in English at the University of Wolverhampton and is one of the BBC/AHRC New Generation Thinkers. Her storytelling weaves medieval narratives together with English folk song. Often moving, occasionally political, frequently feminist, just a little queer and regularly funny, Daisy’s stories underline the relevance and vibrancy of medieval narratives for today’s world.