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Musical Instruments of the Middle Ages: A Show-and-Tell Session

Three performers in brightly coloured medieval clothes with wind instruments against a white backgroundDirected by de Mowbray’s Musicke

When: Sunday 02 July, 19.30-21.00
Where: University House: Beechgrove Room
Price: £8.50

Do you know the difference between a gittern and a guitar? How a 3-hole pipe can get all the notes of a scale, and beyond?

De Mowbray’s Musicke will bring their full collection of medieval instruments - from citole to shawm, from bagpipe to symphonie. Few of the instruments on display are well-known, certainly outside the circle of medieval musicians. This is a great opportunity to see and learn about these instruments and hear them played.

This presentation will explain the development, manufacture, and use of all these instruments. Some instruments will be deconstructed, but all will be played!
An opportunity to get a close up view of instruments of this period, not to be missed!

De Mowbray’s Musicke’s medieval line-up of three musicians will be at this year’s IMC. The group was formed in 2010 in order to play instruments of the Medieval and Tudor periods in various combinations, loud and quiet. They are a costumed group focussing on music, songs and dances of the period to 1500. They play many different instruments of this period, as well as singing and dancing. De Mowbray’s Musicke’s work takes them around the country: to historic sites (such as Bolsover Castle and Warkworth Castle), concert venues, and dance halls. You can see us at our website