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Jousting with Databases: Analyse/Visualise Historical Data with nodegoat

A screenshot of the nodegoat platform.Presented by Pim van Bree & Geert Kessels (LAB1100)

When: Thursday 06 July, 14.00-17.00
Where: Parkinson Building: Cohen B Cluster
Price: £5.00

Nodegoat is a web-based research environment for the humanities that is used by medieval historians to create, to analyse, and to visualise historical datasets. Nodegoat can be customised to the needs of your own research project and is able to handle vague and conflicting source material. Thanks to this flexibility, nodegoat is used in a wide variety of research projects ranging from mapping the provenance of medieval manuscripts, to analysing the networks of medieval graduates, and uncovering power dynamics by examining Carolingian charters.

During the workshop we will first give a general introduction to nodegoat and will then teach you how to configure your own research environment based on the needs of your research questions. Feel free to bring your laptop, research question, and/or dataset to be used during the workshop. You can also start your project before the workshop and attend the workshop to ask questions about your project: go to to get started.

LAB1100 is a research and development firm established in 2011 by Pim van Bree and Geert Kessels. LAB1100 brings together skills in new media, history, and software development. Working together with universities, research institutes, and museums, LAB1100 has built the digital research platform nodegoat and produces interactive data visualisations.

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