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‘Rys up an let us daunce!’

Arbeau Dancers in a circle at IMC 2017Performed by Arbeau Dancers

When: Thursday 06 July, 20.00-22.00
Where: Leeds University Union: Riley Smith Hall
This event is free of charge.

To celebrate the closing of the IMC 2023 and the ‘Making Leeds Medieval’ events, we invite all participants to attend an informal (and joyous) evening of medieval dance led by the Arbeau Dancers. The Arbeau Dancers will provide instruction and demonstrations of the different dances, ranging from the stately Basse Dances of the Burgundian court to the more lively dances of the Italian Renaissance. Audience participation is very welcome, whether you are a complete beginner, more confident, or something of an expert! Likewise, participants are invited to simply come and cheer on the dancers.

The Arbeau Dancers are a Yorkshire-based group who perform and demonstrate historical dances from the 14th to 19th centuries. They derive their name from a 16th-century French monk, Thoinot Arbeau, who wrote a dance manual, the Orchesographie, describing how dances were performed and the etiquette and manners of the time. They frequently perform in period costume, which they research carefully to provide as authentic a demonstration as possible.

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