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Templars: The Knights of Britain

A portrait of author Steve Tibble, depicted in medium close-up facing the camera. He has brown hair and eyes and is smiling.Yale University Press logo

Hosted by Steve Tibble

When: Wednesday 05 July, 20.30-21.30
Where: Stage@leeds: Stage 3
This event is free of charge.

To celebrate the launch of Templars: The Knights of Britain, join author Steve Tibble and Peter Konieczy for a talk about the British Templars. The talk will cover the reputation of the order in Britain, and how, ironically, but entirely rationally, the Templars were dedicated peace-mongers when it came to affairs of state in Britain, despite their warlike tendencies on Christendom’s eastern front. This was not altruism. Paradoxically, the order sought peace as the best means to wage war. The British Templars needed peaceful, stable states so that kings could take their armies on crusade. And they wanted efficient governments with productive economies so that men, money and materiél could be transferred more readily to the East.

Altruistic or not, the result was the same. The true legacy of the British Templars lies not in mad stories of conspiracy and satanism, but in a by-product of their endeavours - the way in which this small group of brave and highly focused individuals helped shape medieval Britain while simultaneously defending the Christian Middle East.

The talk will be live streamed on and be followed by questions and a drinks reception.