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How Can Heritage Science Support My Research?: Drop-in Sessions

Hosted by Flavia Fiorillo, Noam Lefler, and Eyal Poleg

When: Tuesday 02 July, 13.00-14.30 & Wednesday 03 July, 13.00-14.30
Where: University House: Beechgrove Room
This event is free of charge.

How can new technologies assist your research? Come and meet our project team in
these drop-in ‘surgery’ sessions. Do bring along questions, objects or images, and
we’ll have a chat about possibilities and barriers to using new technologies in their

Hidden in Plain Sight is a major AHRC-funded research project exploring the use of
advanced scientific technologies within historical studies. A range of analytical tools,
from microscopy and X-Ray Fluorescence spectroscopy to ancient DNA analysis and
micro-CT scanning, are used to support the study of sacred books and objects. We
are particularly interested in exploring how these technologies can assist in studying
the alteration and transformation of books and textual objects, evident for example in
mutilation, folding, or overpainting.