IMC 2002: Sessions

Session 1120: Late Medieval Sermons and Exempla in Context

Wednesday 10 July 2002, 11.15-12.45

Moderator/Chair:Jeremy N. Dimmick, St Catherine's College, University of Oxford
Paper 1120-bA New Look at Bird Imagery and Rhetoric in "Ancrene Riwle": The Exegetical Significance of the Sparrow Figure in Part III
(Language: English)
L. Kay Marsh, Department of English, Auburn University, Alabama
Index terms: Gender Studies, Lay Piety, Religious Life, Rhetoric
Paper 1120-cThe Possible Connection Between Friar Nicola da Milano's "Collationes de Beatea Mariae" and the "Speculum Humanae Salvationis"
(Language: English)
Kimberly Vrudny, University of St Thomas, Minnesota
Index terms: Lay Piety, Manuscripts and Palaeography, Sermons and Preaching, Theology
Paper 1120-dThe 'Devil's Roll' and Christian Roles: Exemplifying Spiritual Authority in Late Medieval England
(Language: English)
Moira Fitzgibbons, Department of English, Western Washington University
Index terms: Language and Literature - Middle English, Language and Literature - Latin, Lay Piety, Sermons and Preaching