IMC 2003: Sessions

Session 1009: Associations and Identities in Medieval England

Wednesday 16 July 2003, 09.00-10.30

Sponsor:Department of Social Studies, Faculty of Education, Kumamoto University
Organiser:Hirokazu Tsurushima, Faculty of Education, Kumamoto University
Moderator/Chair:Richard Barrie Dobson, Centre for Medieval Studies, University of York
Paper 1009-aRoyal Entry and Image of the Kingship in Late Medieval England
(Language: English)
Hiroko Yanagawa, Department of History, Kansai University, Osaka
Index terms: Administration
Paper 1009-bHistorical Survey on MS. Eng. poet. e.1
(Language: English)
Mio Ueno, Hosei University
Index terms: Language and Literature - Middle English, Women's Studies
Paper 1009-cMedieval Images of Women Pilgrims in England: Reconsideration of the Book of Margery Kempe
(Language: English)
Sono Morishita, Sophia Junior College, Kanagawa
Index terms: Women's Studies
Paper 1009-dIndulgence and Gentry in 15th-Century England
(Language: English)
Yukio Arai, School of Humanities & Sciences, Ochanomizu University, Tokyo
Index terms: Lay Piety

People in medieval England, from the king to peasants, lived in the merged world with afterlife, namely that before the modern secularization. Without such a mentality, different from ours, into consideration, it is not only almost impossible for us to understand their attitudes and actions in their context, but also to grasp the realities of their various associations and identities. The purpose of this session is to show some aspects of such fusion. Dr. Yanagawa will discuss the process of the king’s pageants in detail and the image of the ideal kingship depicted in the ceremony. Examining the satirical songs about women, Ms Ueno will consider one cultural aspect of the intended audience of Lyric texts in the 15th century. Professor Arai will show the piety of gentry and their association through the death, by exploring the indulgence as historical source.