IMC 2003: Sessions

Session 1215: Unity through Conflict: The Creation of Socio-Cultural Identities in Early Medieval Europe

Wednesday 16 July 2003, 14.15-15.45

Organiser:Naomi Beaumont, Centre for Medieval Studies, University of York
Moderator/Chair:Alice D. Jorgensen, School of English, University of St Andrews
Paper 1215-a'Hire flæsc is of minum flæsce': Eve, Mary and Soteriological Motherhoods in the Blickling and Vercelli Homilies
(Language: English)
Naomi Beaumont, Centre for Medieval Studies, University of York
Index terms: Gender Studies, Language and Literature - Old English, Sermons and Preaching, Theology
Paper 1215-cSurvival of Roman Identity in Chur-Raetia
(Language: English)
Helena F. Carr, Centre for Medieval Studies, University of York
Index terms: Hagiography, Language and Literature - Latin, Learning (The Classical Inheritance), Manuscripts and Palaeography
Paper 1215-dConflict and Identity at the Monastery of Fulda in the 8th and 9th Centuries
(Language: English)
Janneke Raaijmakers, Afdeling Middeleeuwse Geschiedenis, Universiteit Utrecht

This session explores the different ways textual representations of historical and religious traditions were used to create social identities in homiletic, historical and hagiographical works. Contrasts between opposing models were used to empower beliefs about socio-cultural groupings within a paradigm of wider conflict. Pure virginal and sinful sexual maternities were created through opposing imperatives of Fall and Redemption, contrasts between ‘Viking’ and ‘English’ took shape in a landscape of violence and political uncertainty, and ideas of romanitas distinguished Alamann from Carolingian in the German hinterlands.