IMC 2003: Sessions

Session 816: Visions of Imperial Authority

Tuesday 15 July 2003, 16.30-18.00

Organiser:Chris Jones, Department of History, Durham University
Moderator/Chair:Björn Weiler, Department of History & Welsh History, Aberystwyth University
Paper 816-bSaint and Sinner?: Louis IX and Frederick II at the Hands of the French Spin Doctors
(Language: English)
Chris Jones, Department of History, Durham University
Index terms: Hagiography, Political Thought
Paper 816-cNature, Science, Art and Empire in the Ideology of Frederick II
(Language: English)
Oleg Voskoboynikov, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS), Paris
Index terms: Art History - General, Political Thought

This session aims to explore ideas of power and authority in relation to the late medieval western Empire from three distinct perspectives. By exploring the origins of a curious aspect of the imperial coronation ceremony it will examine perceptions of the relationship between pope and emperor, the apexes of the spiritual and temporal authority. It will seek to examine thirteenth and early fourteenth century French attitudes towards the controversial emperor Frederick II, particularly in relation to the development of the image of the Capetian monarchy. It will conclude by examining an aspect of Frederick’s own formulation and conception of imperial authority.