IMC 2004: Sessions

Session 1012: Conflict in Medieval Ireland, I

Wednesday 14 July 2004, 09.00-10.30

Organiser:Keith Alan Waters, Department of History, University of Durham
Moderator/Chair:Björn Weiler, Department of History & Welsh History, Aberystwyth University
Paper 1012-aThe English Names of Irishmen in the 13th and 14th Centuries
(Language: English)
Freya Verstraten Veach, School of Histories & Humanities, Trinity College Dublin
Index terms: Social History
Paper 1012-bWhen Worlds Collide: The Consequences of Confrontation for English Landholding in Ireland
(Language: English)
Beth Hartland, Department of History, King's College London
Index terms: Administration
Paper 1012-cMarriage Law and Tradition in Late Medieval Ireland
(Language: English)
Gillian Kenny, Department of Medieval History, Trinity College Dublin
Index terms: Social History

The papers in this session will address the ‘clash of cultures’ which took place in medieval Ireland between the Irish and English. The first paper deals with the intermingling of the two cultures as represented in nomenclature. The second addresses the ‘culture shock’ of those who held lands in England and Ireland and assesses the impact on such landholders. The third paper addresses how the values and forms of marriage practice by the English and later the Anglo-Irish in Ireland clashed with the Gaelic Irish norms and looks at the changes which resulted from the interaction of the two ideals.