IMC 2004: Sessions

Session 1110: Medieval Women / Modern Readers

Wednesday 14 July 2004, 11.15-12.45

Moderator/Chair:Malte Urban, Department of English Literature, University of Wales, Aberystwyth
Paper 1110-aChristine de Pizan's Problematic Mother
(Language: English)
Catriona Mary Keith, University of Aberdeen
Index terms: Gender Studies, Mentalities, Women's Studies
Paper 1110-bReading Julian of Norwich in the 20th Century: Gender, Faith, and Politics
(Language: English)
Robin Stephen Gilbank, Department of English Literature & Creative Writing, Aberystwyth University
Index terms: Administration, Gender Studies, Historiography - Modern Scholarship
Paper 1110-c'The Women Took our Patrimony': Women, Politics, Power and Polygamy in Late Pre-Norman Ireland
(Language: English)
Tony Candon, Academy for Irish Cultural Heritages, University of Ulster

session grouped by Diane Watt (7/11/03):
Abstract paper -a:
This paper aims to highlight and examine the meaning of negative representations of motherhood in the prose works of Christine de Pizan in the context of her essentially positive portrayal of motherhood as a source of strength and influence for women.
Abstract paper -b:
This paper will examine how changing contemporary attitudes towards Christianity and gender shaped the interpretation of Julian of Norwich’s theology, persona and historical significance during the last century. My main foci will be: a) Evelyn Underhill’s attempt to situate her within the predominantly male canon of mystics medieval and modern; b) T S Eliot’s invocation of her words, seemingly as an exemplar of Anglo-Catholic piety; and c) Julian’s latter-day appearance on gender studies syllabi. I shall question whether these appropriations betoken the need to feel a sense of continuity with the past or the desire to retain its alterity.