IMC 2004: Sessions

Session 523: Petrarch in Germany: Medieval Reception and Modern Medievalism

Tuesday 13 July 2004, 09.00-10.30

Sponsor:Oswald von Wolkenstein-Gesellschaft
Organiser:Sieglinde Hartmann, Oswald von Wolkenstein-Gesellschaft, Frankfurt am Main
Moderator/Chair:Paola Schulze-Belli, Dipartimento di Scienze dell'Uomo, Università degli studi di Trieste
Paper 523-aTeaching Religion in the Later Middle Ages: Petrarch and Johann von Neumarkt Revisited
(Language: English)
Arnold Otto, Erzbischöfliches Generalvikariat Erzbistumsarchiv, Paderborn
Index terms: Language and Literature - German, Language and Literature - Latin, Lay Piety
Paper 523-cPetrarch's Itinerarium ad sepulcrum Domini: A Medieval Bestseller without Modern Reception
(Language: English)
Maria Elisabeth Dorninger, Institut für Germanistik, Universität Salzburg
Index terms: Language and Literature - Latin, Medievalism and Antiquarianism

On 20 July 2004 the world will be celebrating Petrarch’s 700th hundred birthday. For German scholars this will be a welcome occasion to reconsider Petrarch’s influence on German culture from the Middle Ages till Modern Times. The first two papers will deal with the late medieval reception of Petrarch’s Latin writings in Germany, whereas paper 3 will shed new light on Petrarch’s travel book, that has been almost completely ignored by modern scholars, but was quite popular amongst his contemporaries. All 3 speaker intend to add new aspects to the genesis of the modern reception of the so called Renaissance Petrarch and his Latin writings.