IMC 2005: Sessions

Session 118: Electronic Resources: Experiences on the Front Line

Monday 11 July 2005, 11.15-12.45

Sponsor:Committee on Electronic Resources, Medieval Academy of America
Organiser:Patricia K. Cossard, University of Maryland / Medieval Academy of America
Moderator/Chair:Patricia K. Cossard, University of Maryland / Medieval Academy of America
Paper 118-aFading Borders in Online Publishing: Some Examples from Bibliographic and Encyclopædic Resources
(Language: English)
Chris VandenBorre, Brepols Publishers, Turnhout
Index terms: Computing in Medieval Studies
Paper 118-bThe Challenge of the Future: Digitizing the Index of Christian Art
(Language: English)
Colum Hourihane, Index of Christian Art, Princeton University
Index terms: Administration, Archives and Sources
Paper 118-cOpening the Archive: Preservation Standards for Medieval Electronic Resources
(Language: English)
James Cummings, Oxford Text Archive, University of Oxford
Index terms: Computing in Medieval Studies, Technology

This session will speak to Medieval Studies electronic resource design and application. Papers in this session will describe different models used to achieve comprehensive coverage in bibliographic indexing/abstracting services, catalogues, digital collections, as well as trends in best practices and advances in technology. Topics covered will include trends in collaborative models, need for streamlining and standardization, what researchers need from web databases and how those needs are met.