IMC 2005: Sessions

Session 718: The Education of Boy Singers in Religious Institutions, II

Tuesday 12 July 2005, 14.15-15.45

Organiser:Susan Boynton, Department of Music, Columbia University
Moderator/Chair:Susan Boynton, Department of Music, Columbia University
Respondent:Susan Boynton, Department of Music, Columbia University
Paper 718-aChoirboys, Memorial Endowments, and Education at Aachen's Marienkirche
(Language: English)
Eric Rice, Department of Music, University of Connecticut
Index terms: Ecclesiastical History, Liturgy, Music
Paper 718-bLa dottrina and the Singing of Laude: Ritual and Education in an Italian Youth Confraternity
(Language: English)
Nils Holger Petersen, Centre for the Study of the Cultural Heritage of Medieval Rituals, Københavns Universitet
Index terms: Liturgy, Music

Abstract Paper -a: The canons of Aachen’s Marienkirche recorded memorial endowments for services in the church’s two oldest necrologies. Beginning in the fourteenth century, these endowments provide the earliest evidence of polyphonic singing at the church, specify amounts paid to celebrating clerics and professional musicians, and even specify payments to choirboys. Canons’ wills also provide endowments for the performance of polyphony in annual memorial services and for high feast days, sometimes providing more: funds for the education and care of choirboys. This paper traces the evolution of Aachen’s memorial endowments, underscoring their importance for the maintenance of liturgico-musical traditions at the institution.

Abstract Paper -b: In this paper, I will discuss doctrinal teaching in a Florentine youth fraternity involving the singing of laudeby young boys, ultimately pointing to the priority of ritual over education in this religious institution.