IMC 2005: Sessions

Session 808: 850th Jubilee of the Finnish Church, II: Relics - Medieval and Modern

Tuesday 12 July 2005, 16.30-18.00

Sponsor:Glossa - The Finnish Society for Medieval Studies
Organiser:Sini Kangas, Department of History, University of Helsinki
Moderator/Chair:Christian Krötzl, Historiatieteen Laitos, Tampereen Yliopisto
Paper 808-aTo See St Henry: The Martyr Saint of Finland Represented in his Material Cult
(Language: English)
Sofia Lahti, Department of Art History, Åbo Akademi
Index terms: Archaeology - Artefacts, Art History - General, Religious Life
Paper 808-bThe Case of a Forearm and the History of Western Christendom in Finland
(Language: English)
Olli Hallamaa, Department of Systematic Theology, University of Helsinki
Index terms: Mentalities, Philosophy, Religious Life, Theology
Paper 808-cChanson de geste and the Tradition of St Henry of Finland, Crusader Bishop
(Language: English)
Sini Kangas, Department of History, University of Helsinki
Index terms: Crusades, Language and Literature - Comparative

According to a legend, around 1155 a crusade was organized against heathen Finns, neighbours of the Christian kingdom of Sweden. The crusade was lead by the King of Sweden and Bishop Henry, who became a holy martyr during the expedition. Later, Bishop Henry became the patron saint of Finland.
As much as the saint in person, the relics of St. Henry have become a subject of heated debates during the centuries. In our session, we will discuss the relics of St. Henry in medieval and modern setting as well as consider the legendary material of the saint in the context of popular European crusade tradition.