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IMC 2006: Sessions

Session 1701: Establishing a CARA for Europe

Thursday 13 July 2006, 14.00-16.30

Sponsor:Committee for Centers and Regional Associations (CARA), Medieval Academy of America
Organiser:Robert E. Bjork, Arizona Center for Medieval & Renaissance Studies, Arizona State University
Moderator/Chair:Simon Forde, Brepols Publishers, Turnhout

The purpose of this meeting is to describe the activities of the Committee for Centers and Regional Associations (CARA) of the Medieval Academy. A CARA for Europe would have full access to all the facilities of the existing network, and formal bridges would be established between the European and North American networks. The existing network is described on the following website:

The aim is that this network will generate a productive forum for European medieval centres, foster further collaboration at a European level, and establish beneficial new institutional connections within Europe and across the world.

The meeting will decide whether to found a ‘CARA-Europe’ and institute some working rules for future European meetings (e.g. venues, working languages). The goal is to feed into (and not duplicate) the facilities currently on offer (such as a website that collates data on all centres, visiting scholars exchange programmes, postgraduate scholarships). In particular, the meeting will explore instituting large-scale pan-European and global projects for which funding can be sought.

The meeting is open to all IMC delegates; representatives from thirty institutions across Europe (and also Australasia and North America) will take part in this meeting. Participants who have not already notified the Organiser should email by 31 May 2006 in order to receive preliminary documentation in advance of the meeting.