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IMC 2006: Sessions

Session 306: Emotion and Communication in Old Slavonic Writing

Monday 10 July 2006, 16.30-18.00

Moderator/Chair:Sebastian Piotr Bartos, Graduate Center, City University of New York
Paper 306-aThe Concept of Humbleness in Translation from Greek into Church Slavonic
(Language: English)
Vida Lučić, Old Church Slavonic Institute, Zagreb
Index terms: Biblical Studies, Language and Literature - Slavic
Paper 306-bMedicine, Prayer, and Sorcery: Word, Act, and Symbol in Medieval Glagolitic Writings
(Language: English)
Gordana Galic, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Split
Index terms: Anthropology, Folk Studies, Language and Literature - Slavic, Pagan Religions

Abstract paper -a: The Greek stem ταπειν- (meaning ‘humbleness’) conceptually and semantically differs from its Old Church Slavonic equivalent stem sьmêr, as well as the Croatian Church Slavonic smêr-. Slavonic stems are semantically more complex and include the theological interpretation of the evangelical concept connected to the Greek stem ταπειν-. In Greek there is no trace of such theological interpretation. The analysis of the concepts connected to the three stems show that the Slavonic translator dared to enrich significantly the conceptual and meaning structure of the lexems he used in order to achieve his goal of evangelization in a pragmatically more convincing way.

Abstract paper -b: Old Croatian Glagolitic writings, dating from the 15th century, thought to have originated somewhere between Rijeka and Senj, drawing our attention to significant relationship between magical acts, words, and symbols in order to achieve particular aim using a system of analogy, which is the fundamental principle for practical magic functioning itself. The texts were written by several authors and contain some recipes for treating diseases, sorcery, and one complete prayer. Apart from using specific words, and presumably acts, some numbers, characters, and symbols were also used in order to achieve some sort of a magical effect.