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IMC 2006: Sessions

Session 512: Anger, Wrath, and Indignation: Negative Emotions in Interdisciplinary Perspectives, I

Tuesday 11 July 2006, 09.00-10.30

Sponsor:Mediävistenverband e. V.
Organiser:Bele Freudenberg, Historisches Seminar, Universität Hamburg
Moderator/Chair:Hans-Werner Goetz, Historisches Seminar, Universität Hamburg
Paper 512-aFrom Rage to Indignation: Liudprand of Cremona's Antapodosis as an Example for Different Types of Anger in Historiography
(Language: English)
Bele Freudenberg, Historisches Seminar, Universität Hamburg
Index terms: Historiography - Medieval, Mentalities
Paper 512-bThe Heroes' Rage: Descriptions of Anger in Heroical Epics as Illustrated in the Nibelungenlied
(Language: English)
Irmgard Gephart, Institut für Germanistik, Universität Bonn
Index terms: Language and Literature - German, Mentalities
Paper 512-cPersonal Experience and Theological Reflection: Peter Abelard on the Negative Emotions 'Anger' and 'Wrath'
(Language: English)
Ingo Klitzsch, Theologische Fakultät, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität, Jena
Index terms: Mentalities, Theology

When enquiring into the emotions of people in the Middle Ages we have a wide and varied array of sources and materials at our disposal. A major problem when analysing this material lies in the fact that each respective genre is bound to its own form of presentation and as such is evaluated according to methods specific to its genre. In this session we have therefore opted for an interdisciplinary comparative approach that will allow us to analyse the form of presentation of the respective genres and the various methods implemented in each respective field of medieval research. To facilitate the comparability of the result we will focus on the emotional spheres of anger and woe. A comparison of the methodical approaches and different sources should give us the opportunity to recognize and to query patterns of perception and presentation specific for each discipline, both in medieval and modern times.