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IMC 2006: Sessions

Session 820: Rethinking Medieval Italy, VI: Reform, Revival, and the Building of Religious Communities in the Italian Medieval City

Tuesday 11 July 2006, 16.30-18.00

Organisers:George Dameron, Department of History, Saint Michael's College, Vermont
Valerie Ramseyer, Department of History, Wellesley College, Massachusetts
Moderator/Chair:Shona Kelly Wray, Department of History, University of Missouri, Kansas City
Paper 820-aRe-Building the Church: Franciscan and Dominican Houses in 13th-Century Rome
(Language: English)
Joan Barclay Lloyd, Department of Art History, La Trobe University, Melbourne, Victoria
Index terms: Architecture - Religious, Ecclesiastical History, Onomastics, Religious Life
Paper 820-bBees-Wax and Candle Power: Religious and Political Aspects of Candle Offerings
(Language: English)
Augustine Thompson, Department of Religious Studies, University of Virginia
Index terms: Ecclesiastical History, Liturgy, Politics and Diplomacy, Religious Life
Paper 820-c'The Gregorian Reform' and the Arts in North and South
(Language: English)
Dorothy F. Glass, Department of Art History, State University of New York, Buffalo
Index terms: Architecture - Religious, Art History - General, Ecclesiastical History, Religious Life

This panel is the sixth of seven (six plus one round table discussion) under the general theme, 'Rethinking Medieval Italy'. Closely connected thematically to session 3, it focuses however on architectural (Barclay Lloyd), liturgical (Thompson), and artistic (Glass) developments associated with northern and southern Italian ecclesiastical history. The focus of all three panels is on the building of new communities: mendicants (Barclay Lloyd), communes (Thompson), and reformed institutions (Glass). It continues many of the themes developed in session 3 by highlighting several new areas of research and interpretation in church history.