IMC 2007: Sessions

Session 1021: Cities in Medieval Italy and Italians in Medieval Cities, IV: Rulership and City Politics - Problems and Solutions

Wednesday 11 July 2007, 09.00-10.30

Sponsor:School of History & Archives, University College Dublin / Fitzwilliam Museum, University of Cambridge
Organisers:Edward Coleman, Department of History,
William R. Day, Department of Coins & Medals, Fitzwilliam Museum, University of Cambridge
Moderator/Chair:Edward Coleman, Department of History,
Paper 1021-aThe Chancery and Charters of the Norman Kings of Sicily
(Language: English)
Graham A. Loud, School of History, University of Leeds
Index terms: Administration, Charters and Diplomatics
Paper 1021-bResolving Conflicts between Cities in 12th-Century Northern Italy: City Communes, Leagues, Empire, and Church
(Language: English)
Gianluca Raccagni, Faculty of History, University of Cambridge
Index terms: Ecclesiastical History, Law, Politics and Diplomacy
Paper 1021-cRepublican City, Princely Ruler: Lucca under Paolo Guinigi, 1400-1430
(Language: English)
Christine E. Meek, School of Histories & Humanities, Trinity College, Dublin
Index terms: Political Thought, Politics and Diplomacy

The papers in this session address questions that were central to the political life of cities in different parts of the Italian peninsula (the Norman South, Lombardy and Tuscany) between the 12th and the 15th century: namely the impact of state bureaucracy on the population, the search for peace and security, and the differences between oligarchy and lordship. Drawing on published and unpublished sources each paper discusses ways in which Italians dealt with the pressing political problems of the day and assesses the success of their solutions.