IMC 2007: Sessions

Session 1400: Arming the Knight: A Demonstration by Interpreters of the Royal Armouries Museum

Wednesday 11 July 2007, 18.15-19.15

Sponsor:The Royal Armouries
Organiser:Graeme Rimer, Royal Armouries, Leeds
Moderator/Chair:Graeme Rimer, Royal Armouries, Leeds

This session will demonstrate ways in which armours of the type being made in Germany and Italy at the end of the 15th Century were worn and used in combat. Once dressed in their armours the interpreters will demonstrate the way in which weapons in use at that time were used for fighting on foot. The interpreters in armour will be Andy Deane and Andrew Balmforth, ably assisted and dressed by Anna Ward. All interpreters and the moderator will be on hand to assist with fielding questions at the end of the demonstration.