IMC 2007: Sessions

Session 1627: Nearest and Dearest: The Construction of Family Relationships in Norman Europe

Thursday 12 July 2007, 11.15-12.45

Sponsor:Centre for Antiquity & the Middle Ages, University of Southampton
Organiser:Tehmina Goskar, Centre for Antiquity & the Middle Ages, University of Southampton
Moderator/Chair:Leonie V. Hicks, Department of History and American Studies, Canterbury Christ Church University
Paper 1627-aSo You're Going to Be a Daddy: Some Advice for 11th and 12th-Century Norman Fathers
(Language: English)
Nic Percivall, Independent Scholar, Bristol
Index terms: Gender Studies, Mentalities, Social History
Paper 1627-bA Bed, a Mattress and a Pillow Full of Feathers: Practical Provisions upon Marriage in 12th-Century Southern Italy
(Language: English)
Tehmina Goskar, Centre for Antiquity & the Middle Ages, University of Southampton
Index terms: Charters and Diplomatics, Daily Life, Social History

The papers in this session seek to explore ways in which family relationships were formed, using areas of Norman Europe as case studies. The three papers will concentrate on Normandy (Percivall), Anglo-Norman England (Davis) and southern Italy (Goskar) and themes to be examined will include the ideals and realities of father-son relationships, material provisions on the occasion of marriage and the uses of kinship networks to further a noble family’s influence and power. The session also aims to demonstrate an innovative use of sources from which medieval experiences of family relationships can be reconstructed, such as Gaimar’s Estoire des Engleis, Apulian charters and the works of Norman chroniclers. It is hoped that the comparison of experiences across Europe in this period will bring to light the diversity of experience in these areas as well as the wide range of methods used to create and maintain familial bonds.