IMC 2007: Sessions

Session 212: Urbanism and Rurality in Early Medieval Northern Europe, II: Urbanism

Monday 9 July 2007, 14.15-15.45

Organiser:John Naylor, Department of Archaeology, University of York / Ashmolean Museum, Oxford
Moderator/Chair:Richard Hall, York Archaeological Trust
Paper 212-aFrom Mynsterstow to Borough: Minster-Towns, Big Tenements and Urban Differentiation in England, 950-1100
(Language: English)
John Blair, Queen's College, University of Oxford
Index terms: Archaeology - Sites, Economics - Rural, Economics - Urban
Paper 212-bEarly Urban Form and Function in Saxon England: The Case of Wallingford
(Language: English)
Neil Christie, School of Archaeology & Ancient History, University of Leicester
Index terms: Archaeology - General, Archaeology - Sites, Economics - Urban
Paper 212-cThe Growth of an Urban Landscape: Recent Research in Early Medieval Norwich
(Language: English)
Brian Ayers, Norfolk Museums & Archaeology Service, Norwich
Index terms: Archaeology - General, Archaeology - Sites, Economics - Urban

Approaches to urban and rural in early medieval northern Europe usually form distinct fields of research. Much work in the last fifteen years has focused towards gaining greater understanding of regional patterns of settlement and economy. This has had a fundamental impact on the way we perceive the role and function of rural areas in societal and economic change and there is now a growing need to integrate this with steadily increasing evidence from urban sites. This session focuses towards recent work on early medieval towns, and how this is modifying our understanding of the nature of urbanism and their relationship to hinterlands.