IMC 2007: Sessions

Session 324: Urban Culture and Forms of Communication in the Baltic Sea Area, I

Monday 9 July 2007, 16.30-18.00

Organiser:Christian Krötzl, Historiatieteen Laitos, Tampereen Yliopisto
Moderator/Chair:Christian Krötzl, Historiatieteen Laitos, Tampereen Yliopisto
Paper 324-aTaking to the Envoy: Oral and Written in the Communication between the Teutonic Order and Reval
(Language: English)
Juhan Kreem, Tallinn City Archives
Index terms: Daily Life, Politics and Diplomacy
Paper 324-bProdution of Texts in Medieval Finnish Towns
(Language: English)
Tapio Salminen, Department of History & Philosophy, University of Tampere
Paper 324-cLegal Communication in Urban and Rural Context in Late Medieval Sweden
(Language: English)
Mia Korpiola, Faculty of Law, University of Helsinki

Literacy, Orality and Communication have grown into important fields in medieval research. The book by M. Clanchy (1979) was an important stimulus, as well as later the research projects led by M. Mostert (Verschriftelijking, Universiteit of Utrecht) and G. Althoff (Symbolische Kommunikation, DFG/SFB 496, Universität Münster). Research has however concentrated on certain areas, on the Early Medieval Period and on forms of communication linked to power, representation, church leaders, nobility and secular rulers. Lower social groups, urban culture and the function of communication and information in everyday life have been treated hitherto to a much lesser extent. This is the case esp. also for Scandinavia and the Baltic Sea area, whose rich late medieval sources on urban culture are largely unknown on a European level. In the sessions proposed the main focus will be on oral, written and other forms of communication as well as on the information transmitted in different types of sources of the Northern Baltic Sea Area. The aim is to offer a coherent picture and overview of sources, features and research, whose results are valid for not only for the area, but on a larger European level.