IMC 2008: Sessions

Session 1017: Natural History / The History of Nature: Appraising the 'Natural' in the Middle Ages, I

Wednesday 9 July 2008, 09.00-10.30

Sponsor:Society for Medieval Feminist Scholarship
Organiser:Liz Herbert McAvoy, Department of English Language & Literature, Swansea University
Moderator/Chair:Anke Bernau, Department of English & American Studies, University of Manchester
Paper 1017-aFlowers in the Margins
(Language: English)
Gillian Rudd, School of English, University of Liverpool
Index terms: Art History - Decorative Arts, Gender Studies, Language and Literature - Middle English
Paper 1017-bSeeing Presence in Absence: Visualizing the fetus-in-utero
(Language: English)
Jennifer Borland, Department of Art, Oklahoma State University
Index terms: Art History - General, Gender Studies, Medicine
Paper 1017-cThe Birds and the Bees: The Sexual Education of the Medieval Subject
(Language: English)
Isabel Davis, School of English & Humanities, Birkbeck College,
Index terms: Gender Studies, Language and Literature - Middle English, Sexuality

This session is devised to interrogate what we mean by the ‘natural’ world in the Middle Ages from our 21st-century / postmodernist and feminist perspective. In particular, it examines aspects of the visual as partaking in the ‘natural’ and attempts to uncover the ideological purposes for which it is employed in a range of contexts.