IMC 2008: Sessions

Session 1326: Art and Architecture, East and West

Wednesday 9 July 2008, 16.30-18.00

Moderator/Chair:Julian Gardner, Department of the History of Art, University of Warwick
Paper 1326-aRomanesque Mural Painting in the Pyrenees
(Language: English)
Natacha Piano, Université de Neuchâtel / Université de Poitiers / Université de Lausanne
Index terms: Archaeology - Artefacts, Art History - Painting, Folk Studies, Theology
Paper 1326-cFrom a Lodge to a Museum
(Language: English)
Fethiye Erbay, Bogaziçi University, Istanbul
Index terms: Architecture - Religious, Local History

As well as the history of the Pyrenees traces a wide zone of transit – more than a frontier – a territory characterised by a political, religious, cultural and social system paradoxically unified and multicultural, the art of the region comprised between Toulouse, Narbonne, and the Pyrenees is placed under the sign of variety and its structure over time is multiple and speckled.
Besides a local Carolingian model, sometimes transmitted by the illumination, and melted since the beginning with the ancient mozarabic tradition, the art of fresco is renewed all along the 12th century thanks to the work of local artists, but also under the effect of the spreading art of Toulouse, and through the continuous exchanges with the Spanish neighbourhood.

Restoration of historical buildings and their transformation into museums is an intricate and demanding process. Inappropriate restoration of a building which cost billions may mark irreparable imprints in history. Renovation is carried out not to conceal but to reveal architectural identity. In this work, the renovation process of Istanbul Yenikapi Lodge used by Mevlevi Dervishes and UNESCO support will be discussed. Throughout the work, I will mainly address three main questions: ‘Why did I choose this specific lodge?’, ‘What are the cultural Impacts of Lodges used by Mevlevi Dervishes (Mevlevihanes)?’ , and finally ‘What are the current functions of the building?’