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IMC 2009: Sessions

Session 1621: 'On the edge of a Grimpen': Arthurian Narrative and the Perilous Forest of Heterodoxy

Thursday 16 July 2009, 11.15-12.45

Sponsor:Medieval Research Centre, University of Leicester
Organiser:Anne Marie D'Arcy, School of English, University of Leicester
Moderator/Chair:Alan J. Fletcher, Department of English, University College Dublin
Paper 1621-aVisionary Violence: Authorising and Imitating the Ascetic Body
(Language: English)
Sarah Macmillan, Department of English, University of Birmingham
Paper 1621-b'I was shapen by nigramancie': The Enchanted Body in The Wedding of Sir Gawain and Dame Ragnell
(Language: English)
Brendan O'Connell, School of English, Trinity College Dublin
Index terms: Biblical Studies, Language and Literature - Middle English, Science, Theology
Paper 1621-c'For ever she boyleth in scaldynge water': Morgan le Fay, Female Self-Authorization, and Malory
(Language: English)
Zoë Eve Enstone, School of English, University of Leicester
Index terms: Ecclesiastical History, Language and Literature - Middle English, Theology, Women's Studies

Since Chrétien de Troyes, the encroaching silva, the primordial chaos of the dark wood, is a space where the absolute values of church, state, and society are tested in the romance tradition. In the chronicle tradition, as early as the Annales Cambriae, the battlefield is a space where similar challenges to religious, political, and societal orthodoxy are confronted, albeit in a radically altered mapping of the landscape. This session explores the treatment of heresy on the margins of the Arthurian topothesia in Middle English, focusing on the roles of prophesy, science, and gender in relation to this theme.