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IMC 2009: Sessions

Session 502: Problems and Possibilities of Early Medieval Diplomatic, I: Pushing the Boundaries

Tuesday 14 July 2009, 09.00-10.30

Organiser:Jonathan Jarrett, Fitzwilliam Museum University of Cambridge 1 Lingholme Close CAMBRIDGE CB4 3HW
Moderator/Chair:Elina Screen, Magdalen College, University of Oxford
Paper 502-aPossibilities of Digital Analysis of Medieval Charter corpora
(Language: English)
Georg Vogeler, Historisches Seminar, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universit√§t, M√ľnchen
Index terms: Charters and Diplomatics, Computing in Medieval Studies
Paper 502-bHow to Take Over an Archive: Sant Pere de Casserres and its Old and New Monks
(Language: English)
Jonathan Jarrett, Fitzwilliam Museum University of Cambridge 1 Lingholme Close CAMBRIDGE CB4 3HW
Index terms: Archives and Sources, Charters and Diplomatics, Ecclesiastical History, Monasticism
Paper 502-cCistercian Charters and the Import of a Political Culture into Medieval Sweden
(Language: English)
Erik Niblaeus, Department of History, King's College London
Index terms: Charters and Diplomatics, Manuscripts and Palaeography, Monasticism

This session will showcase new research from boundary zones of early medieval diplomatic, in several senses. Vogeler shows how boundaries of both nation and media are collapsing into the world-wide web, and demonstrates the collaborative possibilities of combined diplomatic corpora. Jarrett presents work from a political boundary, using diplomatic and palaeography to describe how a quasi-independent church of frontier Catalonia was taken over by local magnates in the guise of a monastic refoundation. Lastly, Niblaeus examines the earliest charters from Sweden, using the window of Cistercian importation to elucidate the young kingdom's ongoing integration into wider European culture.