IMC 2012: Sessions

Session 1417: Breaking the Rules: Gender and Employment within the Medieval Academy (Or, Are Women Cornering the Market?) - A Round Table Discussion

Wednesday 11 July 2012, 19.30-20.30

Sponsor:Society for Medieval Feminist Scholarship
Organiser:Liz Herbert McAvoy, Department of English Language & Literature, Swansea University
Moderator/Chair:Liz Herbert McAvoy, Department of English Language & Literature, Swansea University

Within a climate of political correctness, feminist consciousness, positive discrimination, the call for all-women shortlists or quotas, along with the ubiquitous threat of educational ‘cuts’, the employment market in academia is more turbulent than ever. With more women than men graduating in a wide range of disciplines, particularly in the Arts and Humanities, how does this impact upon their future prospects of entering the academy and of gaining promotion once in it?

Leading on from last year’s round table discussion which ended with a discussion of feminist continuities and change within academic and publishing contexts, this year’s round table seeks to debate these and related questions. It also asks whether the tables have finally turned, with women now cornering the Medieval Studies market. And, if this is the case, where does this leave men who identify as feminist.

Participants include Bettina Bildhauer (University of St Andrews), Sally Livingstone (Ohio Wesleyan College), James Page (University of St Andrews), and Diane Watt (University of Surrey).