IMC 2012: Sessions

Session 501: Translation, Distortion, and Transformation in Anglo-Saxon Literature and Culture

Tuesday 10 July 2012, 09.00-10.30

Sponsor:Centre for Late Antique & Medieval Studies, King's College London
Organiser:Carl Kears, Department of English, King's College London
Moderator/Chair:Daniel Anlezark, Department of English, University of Sydney
Paper 501-aTranslating the Daedalus Myth, Transforming the Body: The Case of Elmer the Flying Monk
(Language: English)
James Antonio Paz, School of English, University of Leeds
Index terms: Language and Literature - Old English, Monasticism
Paper 501-bComic Anglo-Saxonism in Contemporary Children's Popular Culture: Translation, Transformation, or Distortion?
(Language: English)
Louise D'Arcens, Department of English, University of Wollongong, New South Wales
Index terms: Daily Life, Language and Literature - Old English
Paper 501-cBirdsong: Translating the Phoenix
(Language: English)
Clare A. Lees, Department of English Language & Literature, King's College London
Index terms: Biblical Studies, Language and Literature - Old English, Learning (The Classical Inheritance), Literacy and Orality

In what ways did Anglo-Saxon writers and artists ‘translate’? This session will look at whether acts of translation into and out of Old English were acts of necessary and imaginative transformation and/or distortion, and will consider how source material may have been misused, misunderstood, and re-cycled in different contexts. Speakers will consider the rules that may have governed appropriation of inherited narratives and exegesis, as well as considering how and in what manner such rules may have been broken. What techniques did Anglo-Saxon writers use in order to translate and transform not only words and phrases ‘of elsewhere’, but also narratives and described environments into a vernacular form? In what cases do we see descriptions of transformations – of people, of places, and of rules – go together with the translation of language and culture and its processes?