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IMC 2012: Sessions

Session 810: New Cistercian Research

Tuesday 10 July 2012, 16.30-18.00

Sponsor:Cîteaux: Commentarii cistercienses
Organiser:Terryl N. Kinder, _Cîteaux: Commentarii cistercienses_, Pontigny
Moderator/Chair:Terryl N. Kinder, _Cîteaux: Commentarii cistercienses_, Pontigny
Paper 810-aThe Heads of Welsh Cistercian Houses
(Language: English)
Janet Burton, School of Archaeology, History & Anthropology, University of Wales Trinity Saint David
Index terms: Local History, Monasticism, Politics and Diplomacy
Paper 810-bCîteaux and Catalonia
(Language: English)
Karen Stöber, Departament d'Història, Universitat de Lleida
Index terms: Ecclesiastical History, Local History, Monasticism, Religious Life
Paper 810-cCistercians and Saints in the Later Middle Ages
(Language: English)
Emilia Jamroziak, Forschungsstelle für Vergleichende Ordensgeschichte (FOVOG), Technische Universität Dresden / Institute for Medieval Studies / School of History, University of Leeds
Index terms: Ecclesiastical History, Hagiography, Local History, Monasticism

This session will be used to announce three new Cistercian research projects: a preliminary study of the identities, affiliations, and networks of the heads of Cistercian houses in late medieval Wales, and of their political and social roles; relations between the Catalan Cistercian abbeys and their French mother house with particular focus on their foundations and early histories; and how local saints' cults became incorporated into the culture of Cistercian houses, indicating important links with the surrounding lay communities and responses to the needs of patrons and benefactors.