IMC 2013: Sessions

Session 1305: Social, Political, and Cultural Exchanges: Ireland, Britain, and the Wider World in the Later Middle Ages, IV - Political Relationships on the Fringes of English Polity

Wednesday 3 July 2013, 16.30-18.00

Sponsor:Medieval History Research Centre, Trinity College Dublin
Organiser:Seán Duffy, Department of History, Trinity College Dublin
Moderator/Chair:Catherine Lawless, Department of History, University of Limerick
Paper 1305-a'As we byth ynglys a[n]to the yryssh so we byth yryssh onto t[he] ynglish': Reading Geraldus Cambrensis in the Late Middle Ages
(Language: English)
Caoimhe Whelan, Department of History, Trinity College Dublin
Index terms: Language and Literature - Middle English, Politics and Diplomacy
Paper 1305-b'Myche of France ys loste': The Impact of the Wider World in the Politics of Mid-Lancastrian Ireland
(Language: English)
Elizabeth Matthew, Department of History, University of Reading
Index terms: Local History, Politics and Diplomacy
Paper 1305-cLiving on the Edge?: Maritime Connections in the Irish Sea World
(Language: English)
Alison Cathcart, School of Humanities, University of Strathclyde
Index terms: Local History, Maritime and Naval Studies

These papers explore connections between core and periphery and between peripheries in the English polity. The first paper will examine the political use of the historical writings of Gerald of Wales in the English colony in Ireland, while the second will explore the context and significance of a letter of 1429 offering a sharp insight into how, and how far, politics and political calculations in the lordship of Ireland interacted with those of the wider Lancastrian world. The final paper will discuss the nature and extent of the interaction of maritime communities of the British Isles and Ireland primarily with each other but also with similar communities further afield.