IMC 2013: Sessions

Session 1628: 'So of old bookes cometh our cunnyng newe': Accessing Medieval Texts and Images in the Digital Age

Thursday 4 July 2013, 11.15-12.45

Sponsor:Collaborative European Digital Archive Structure (CENDARI)
Organiser:Marian Lefferts, Consortium of European Research Libraries, Den Haag
Moderator/Chair:Chris Linsley, England's Immigrants 1330-1550 Project, University of York
Paper 1628-aCENDARI: A Medieval Virtual Research Environment
(Language: English)
Emiliano Degl'Innocenti, Società Internazionale per lo Studio del Medioevo Latino, Fondazione Ezio Franceschini, Florence / Università di Firenze
Index terms: Archives and Sources, Computing in Medieval Studies, Manuscripts and Palaeography, Teaching the Middle Ages
Paper 1628-bPlateforme d'analyse linguistique médiévale (PALM): Towards the Semi-Automatic Analysis of Middle English Texts
(Language: English)
Chloe Morgan, Laboratoire de Médiévistique Occidentale de Paris (LAMOP - UMR 8589), Université Paris I - Panthéon-Sorbonne
Index terms: Computing in Medieval Studies, Language and Literature - Middle English

Medieval scholars now have more opportunities than ever to enter the digital age, and this session will introduce a selection of innovative resources available online.

The European Library will outline the Collaborative European Digital Archive Structure (CENDARI) project’s work to create a Virtual Research Environment for the medieval period. This will be followed by a presentation by Digital Scriptorium, a growing image database of medieval and renaissance manuscripts which encourages interaction between scholars and libraries. Finally, the ‘Signs and States’ project at the University of Paris I will introduce their work on the semi-automatic analysis of medieval texts, focusing on the particular challenges raised by Middle English.

The session aims to provoke broader discussion of the developing role of digital humanities and research portals within the medievalist community.