IMC 2013: Sessions

Session 430: Modern Medievalists and Avant-Garde Archivists: The Role of Traditional Archival Skills in the 21st Century - A Round Table Discussion

Monday 1 July 2013, 19.30-20.30

Sponsor:Borthwick Institute for Archives, University of York / Centre for Archive Studies, University of Liverpool / Science Museum, London
Organiser:Ellie Pridgeon, Department of the History of Art & Film, University of Leicester / Precise Media, London
Moderator/Chair:Paul R. Dryburgh, Borthwick Institute for Archives, University of York

This round table will be composed of medievalists, academics, and archivists from a number of Britain’s leading universities, museums, and archive repositories. The discussion will address the pertinent issue that traditional skills (including Latin and medieval palaeography) are offered infrequently on both medieval studies and archive administration degree courses. These are essential tools for unlocking society’s past. Yet with pressurised archivists focussing on digitisation and data standards, and trainee medievalists with inadequate skills and limited job prospects, how will we continue to decipher and interpret medieval documents in the 21st century and beyond?

Participants include Sean Cunningham (National Archives, Kew) Jackie Depelle (Your Fair Ladies, Pudsey), Charlotte Harrison (University of Liverpool), Nick Kingsley (National Archives, Kew), Chris Lewis (University of London), and Ellie Pridgeon (University of Leicester / Science Museum).