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IMC 2015: Sessions

Session 1041: Engaging the Public with the Medieval World

Wednesday 8 July 2015, 09.00-10.30

Sponsor:Historic Royal Palaces
Organiser:Megan Gooch, Tower of London, Historic Royal Palaces
Moderator/Chair:Andrew Woods, York Museums Trust
Paper 1041-a'But where are the dungeons?': Some Challenges in Presenting the Tower of London to 2.5 Million People a Year
(Language: English)
Sally Dixon-Smith, Tower of London, Historic Royal Palaces
Index terms: Architecture - Secular, Daily Life, Historiography - Modern Scholarship
Paper 1041-bMaking the Castle a Home: Creating an Immersive Medieval World Using Live Costumed Interpretation
(Language: English)
Lauren Johnson, Past Pleasures Ltd, London
Index terms: Demography, Gender Studies, Social History, Teaching the Middle Ages
Paper 1041-cImprisonment, Execution, and Escape: Medieval History and the National Curriculum
(Language: English)
Megan Gooch, Tower of London, Historic Royal Palaces
Index terms: Archaeology - General, Education, Teaching the Middle Ages

In the modern world medieval history and archaeology are often derided as obscure and uninteresting. Yet millions of people every year choose to visit the Tower of London and other medieval sites, often with little background knowledge of the history of the period. In this session we will explore the challenges and successes of interpreting medieval history, archaeology, and architecture for non-specialist audiences. Through the use of exhibitions and displays, live costumed interpretation, and heritage learning for school children, it is possible to bring the latest research in medieval studies to the wider public in an engaging, memorable, and entertaining way.