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IMC 2015: Sessions

Session 1216: The Church in Western Iberia (León, Asturias, Galicia, and Portugal), III: Women's Religious Communities

Wednesday 8 July 2015, 14.15-15.45

Sponsor:Société d’Études Interdisciplinaires sur les Femmes au Moyen Âge et la Renaissance
Organiser:James D'Emilio, Department of Humanities, University of South Florida
Moderator/Chair:M. Raquel Alonso Álvarez, Departamento de Historia del Arte y Musicología, Universidad de Oviedo
Paper 1216-aWhy Found a Convent?: Female Patronage in Times of Reform
(Language: English)
Laura Cayrol Bernardo, Universidad de Oviedo
Index terms: Gender Studies, Monasticism, Social History
Paper 1216-bFounders and Families: Networks of Noblewomen and the Cistercian Nunneries of León
(Language: English)
James D'Emilio, Department of Humanities, University of South Florida
Index terms: Architecture - Religious, Genealogy and Prosopography, Monasticism, Women's Studies
Paper 1216-cReassesing Women's Agency in the Dominican Nunneries in the Western Iberian Peninsula, 13th-16th Centuries
(Language: English)
Mercedes Pérez Vidal, Centro de Investigaciones sobre América Latina y el Caribe (CIALC), Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)
Index terms: Architecture - General, Liturgy, Monasticism, Women's Studies

The prominent women's religious communities of León and Castile in the Central Middle Ages have attracted particular attention in connection with the patronage of women of the royal family and the institution of the Infantado, an inheritance of royal princesses that included oversight of nunneries closely associated with the Crown. These three papers look at a broader class of aristocratic women, their motives and methods for founding and supporting nunneries, and their patronage, production, and performance of works of art and the liturgy in nunneries, particularly of the Cistercians and Dominicans.