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IMC 2015: Sessions

Session 1412: Multilingual Communication: A Round Table Discussion

Wednesday 8 July 2015, 19.00-20.00

Sponsor:International Medieval Society, Paris / Société Internationale des Médiévistes, Paris
Organiser:Emma Campbell, Department of French Studies, University of Warwick
Moderator/Chair:Emma Campbell, Department of French Studies, University of Warwick

Interest in medieval multilingualism has, in recent decades, transformed narratives of linguistic change, the study of linguistic and political geographies, and the conceptualization of translation and cultural contact. This round table on multilingual communication showcases current approaches to the multilingualism of medieval societies, focusing on the relationships between French and other languages in different areas of the medieval world. The aim of the round table will be to discuss the methodological and disciplinary issues that research in this area presents and to consider new directions for further research.

Participants include Keith Busby (University of Wisconsin, Madison) and Ruth Evans (Saint Louis University, Missouri), and Elaine Treharne (Stanford University).