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IMC 2015: Sessions

Session 607: Strangers and Neighbors in Medieval Southern Italy

Tuesday 7 July 2015, 11.15-12.45

Organiser:Joanna H. Drell, Department of History, University of Richmond, Virginia
Moderator/Chair:Isabella Bolognese, School of Modern Languages and Cultures- University of Leeds
Paper 607-a'A faint-hearted people': Otto of Freising and the Erasure of the Muslims of Sicily
(Language: English)
Joshua Birk, Faculty of History, Smith College, Massachusetts
Index terms: Islamic and Arabic Studies, Politics and Diplomacy
Paper 607-bStranger Danger?: Living away from Home in Medieval Southern Italy
(Language: English)
Patricia E. Skinner, Department of History, University of Winchester / Centre for Medieval & Early Modern Research (MEMO), Swansea University
Index terms: Economics - General, Gender Studies, Social History
Paper 607-cWelcoming Strangers to Southern Italy: From Lemons to Legislation
(Language: English)
Joanna H. Drell, Department of History, University of Richmond, Virginia
Index terms: Law, Politics and Diplomacy, Social History

Drawing on the theme of 'strangers and neighbors', this session offers three perspectives on encounters and challenges faced by peoples of diverse origins, faiths and regional proximity in medieval southern Italy. The papers address how newcomers - arriving from beyond the Alps, across the sea, or a nearby settlement - viewed their new surroundings and neighbors. Also considered are local responses to the new arrivals - as outsiders or guests, enemies or allies - and ways the historical record about the diverse population may have been shaped to satisfy larger political interests. This international panel of academics from universities in the UK and US demonstrates the continuing vitality of Anglophone scholarship on medieval southern Italy.