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IMC 2015: Sessions

Session 633: The Early Islamic World, V: Writing, Administration, and Taxation

Tuesday 7 July 2015, 11.15-12.45

Sponsor:Centre for Advanced Study of the Arab World (CASAW) / 'Early Islamic World' Research Network, University of Edinburgh
Organisers:Ann R. Christys, Independent Scholar, Leeds
Andrew Marsham, School of Literatures, Languages & Cultures, University of Edinburgh
Moderator/Chair:Ann R. Christys, Independent Scholar, Leeds
Paper 633-aNew Early Arabic Inscriptions from the Hisma: Epigraphy and Prosopography
(Language: English)
Ilkka Lindstedt, Department of World Cultures, University of Helsinki
Index terms: Epigraphy, Islamic and Arabic Studies, Onomastics
Paper 633-bThe Social Background of Administrators under Umayyad Provincial Rule
(Language: English)
Lucian Reinfandt, Institut für Orientalistik, Universität Wien
Index terms: Administration, Islamic and Arabic Studies, Social History
Paper 633-cUmayyad Administration in Egypt and beyond
(Language: English)
Marie Legendre, Institut de Recherches et d'Etudes sur le Monde Arabe et Musulman (UMR 7310), Aix-Marseille Université
Index terms: Administration, Islamic and Arabic Studies

The fifth session of the 'Early Islamic World' Research Network looks at the development of an administrative structure for the earliest Muslim empire, including the extent of its debt to pre-Islamic practices in Rome and Iran and the extent of centralisation in systems of taxation and government.