IMC 2015: Sessions

Session 910: Creative Writing and the Middle Ages: A Round Table Discussion

Tuesday 7 July 2015, 19.00-20.00

Sponsor:Centre of Late Antique & Medieval Studies, King's College London
Organiser:Carl Kears, Department of English, King's College London
Moderator/Chair:Carl Kears, Department of English, King's College London

This round table brings together writers and creative medievalists to depart from ongoing discussions of ‘medievalism’ and think in more detail about the processes and possibilities of using medieval literature to create new fictions, new poems, and new works of art. Contributors will discuss their own approach to creative writing, translation, and imaginative scholarship; offer extracts and examples of projects old and new; and ask why the Middle Ages proves a seemingly inexhaustible resource for those writing in a variety of modern genres. It is anticipated that this session will overrun; attendees are invited to stay afterwards and join in the discussion.

Participants include Mary Baine Campbell (Brandeis University, Massachusetts), Matthew Francis (Aberystwyth University), James Antonion Paz (University of Manchester), and Victoria Whitworth (University of the Highlands & Islands).