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IMC 2016: Sessions

Session 118: Lenten Sermons: Fast of the Body, Banquet of the Soul, I - The 'Main Course' of Religious Instruction

Monday 4 July 2016, 11.15-12.45

Sponsor:Instituto de Filosofia, Universidade do Porto
Organiser:Eleonora Lombardo, Instituto de Filosofia, Universidade do Porto
Moderator/Chair:Pietro Delcorno, Leeds Humanities Research Institute / School of Languages, Cultures & Societies - Italian, University of Leeds
Paper 118-a'Cum ieiunatis […]': Feeding the Soul in Early 13th-Century Lenten Sermons
(Language: English)
Eleonora Lombardo, Instituto de Filosofia, Universidade do Porto
Index terms: Biblical Studies, Liturgy, Manuscripts and Palaeography, Sermons and Preaching
Paper 118-bThe Lenten Sermons in the de tempore Collection of John Waldeby, OESA: Sermon Form and Message
(Language: English)
Yuichi Akae, Department of Humanities & Social Sciences, Keio University, Tokyo
Index terms: Language and Literature - Latin, Liturgy, Religious Life, Sermons and Preaching
Paper 118-c‘Alimenta uerbi’: Bede’s Homilies in Lent
(Language: English)
Susan Cremin, Independent Scholar, Cork
Index terms: Language and Literature - Latin, Theology

In the intention of the Church, Lent was not only a period of strict fasting of the body but was also meant to provide the faithful with a rich banquet of religious and moral teachings that would instruct, reinvigorate, and refresh the soul. Preaching was the primary form of religious instruction to invite the faithful to this rich spiritual nourishment. This first session dedicated to Lenten sermons investigates the fundamental “dishes” of Lenten preaching by looking at the sermons for pivotal liturgical days, from Ash Wednesday to Good Friday.