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IMC 2016: Sessions

Session 1320: Food in the Cities during War and Peace: Western Europe and Central-Eastern Europe - A Comparison

Wednesday 6 July 2016, 16.30-18.00

Organiser:Beata Możejko, Zakład Historii Średniowiecza Polski i Nauk Pomocniczych Historii, Uniwersytet Gdański
Moderator/Chair:Balázs Nagy, Department of Medieval Studies, Central European University, Budapest
Paper 1320-aFood Provisioning of the Gdansk Naval Squadron in the Late Middle Ages
(Language: English)
Paweł Sadłoń, Zakład Historii Średniowiecza Polski i Nauk Pomocniczych Historii, Uniwersytet Gdański
Index terms: Daily Life, Economics - Urban, Maritime and Naval Studies, Social History
Paper 1320-bSpying on the Enemy's Food: Intelligence and Provision of Food during the Preparations of Naval Campaigns - Ceuta (1415) and Tripoli (1551) Compared
(Language: English)
Ardian Muhaj, Academia Portuguesa da História, Lisboa / Institute of History, Tirana
Index terms: Daily Life, Economics - General, Military History, Social History
Paper 1320-cThe Oaths of Office of Municipal Servants as a Source for Townspeople's Food in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Era - The Example of Silesian and Moravian Towns
(Language: English)
Hana Komárková, Ústav historických věd, Slezská univerzita v Opavě
Index terms: Daily Life, Law, Military History, Social History

The main problem was food in the medieval cities during war and peace. Paper a: During the war between Scandinavia and Hansa, Gdansk provided food especially for Lübeck. The question is how and by what routes foods was transported for the navy? Paper b: A cross-cultural perspective on the connection between fleet preparation and food provisioning with case studies, the Portuguese campaign against Ceuta in 1415 and the Ottoman campaign against Tripoli in 1551. Paper c: In the city like Wroclaw sworn officers connected with the food processing and distribution and it was an important part of community life. The paper concerns the analysis of their oaths of office in peacetime but also in the case of war.