IMC 2017: Sessions

Session 1107: Medieval Narratives of Art and Artists, II: Methodological Aspects

Wednesday 5 July 2017, 11.15-12.45

Sponsor:Centrum Mediewistyczne, Uniwersytet Mikołaja Kopernika, Toruń / Oswald von Wolkenstein-Gesellschaft / Muzeum Zamkowe w Malborku
Organiser:Sieglinde Hartmann, Oswald von Wolkenstein-Gesellschaft, Frankfurt am Main
Moderator/Chair:Arnold Otto, Erzbischöfliches Generalvikariat Erzbistumsarchiv, Paderborn
Paper 1107-aThe Early Netherlandish Painting and 20th-Century Narratives of Its Impact on Central and Southern Europe
(Language: English)
Irma Trattner, Abteilung für Bildnerische Erziehung, Kunstuniversität Linz
Index terms: Art History - General, Art History - Painting
Paper 1107-bThe Teutonic Order's Castle in Malbork (Prussia) as a Palestinian Crac: Inspirations and Realisations
(Language: English)
Karol Polejowski, Muzeum Zamkowe w Malborku / Malbork Castle Museum
Index terms: Architecture - General, Architecture - Religious, Architecture - Secular, Art History - General
Paper 1107-cSleeping Giants and Waxworks: Medieval Iconography in Polish Symbolist Art
(Language: English)
Claire Orenduff-Bartos, Department of Fine Arts, Santa Fe College, Florida
Index terms: Art History - General, Art History - Painting

The purpose of the two sessions is to open up new ways to solve old questions pertaining to how medieval writers and artists constructed narratives. The papers of the second session focus on different methods developed by modern scholars who are trying to explain how to understand the purpose of medieval architecture and painting and their changing reception in modern times. We believe that an artist’s individuality (their otherness and different perception) complies with the special thematic strand for IMC 2017 ‘Otherness’.